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Chai Honey Buttery Crumpets

Crumpet with butter and ShortHive Australian Honey

Image of crumpet with butter and Chai ShortHive Honey with props




  1. Toast the crumpets: Begin by toasting the crumpets until they are golden brown. You can use a toaster or toast them in a preheated oven at 350°F (175°C) for about 5 minutes. Set them aside.

  2. Butter the crumpets: Spread a generous amount of butter on both sides of each crumpet.

  3. Arrange the crumpets: Once the crumpets are nicely toasted, transfer them to serving plates. They should be warm, buttery, and slightly crispy.

  4. Drizzle with ShortHive Honey: Generously drizzle each crumpet with ShortHive, allowing the honey to pool and soak into the crumpets. The delightful blend of honey and butter will create a heavenly combination of flavours.

  5. Optional toppings: For an extra touch of freshness and presentation, you can add some sliced fresh fruits, such as berries or banana, on top of the honey-drizzled crumpets.|

    Enjoy: Serve the ShortHive Honey on Buttery Toasted Crumpets while they're still warm. Each bite will provide a delightful contrast between the crispy and buttery crumpets and the luscious sweetness of the honey. The simplicity of this treat allows the flavours to shine through, making it a perfect choice for a cozy breakfast or a comforting afternoon snack.

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